The Land of Long Ago

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ISBN 9780863157714
hardcover, with colour illustrations
250 x 225 mm, 32 pages
Floris books, printed in China
Publication date:
Third printing, 2013

By Elsa Beskow

Kelly and Kai love to play on the gnarled old tree trunk outside their cottage in the woods: sometimes it becomes a horse, sometimes a crocodile and sometimes even a dragon.  One day a mischievous gnome makes the tree trunk come to life, and the children are whisked off to the Land of Long Ago on the back of the old tree dragon.  On their incredible journey Kelly and Kai meet a princess, rescue a knight and trick the king of the trolls.  But will the old tree dragon stay alive long enough to bring them home again?  A delightful fairy tale from Elsa Beskow, with beautiful illustrations in her unique, classic style.

Recommended for 4 - 7 years.

Hardcover, 32 pages.  25 x 22.5 cm.

Floris Books.



'I would recommend this fairy tale with its classic pictures for young people aged 3 to 6 years, and it is very enjoyable to read it out loud.'
-- Corinna Spellerberg, Education Otherwise

'Elsa captures the magic of childhood beautifully.'
-- Juno, Winter 2010

'A beloved Swedish tale, literally from long ago, is now published in English •À_ The illustrations have the lovely faded texture of a well-worn and oft-read story, with soft colors and edges and static tableaux. The particular images of princess and knight, dragon and meadow, sheep and garden echo antecedents in medieval manuscripts and in 19th-century book illustration •À_ An old-fashioned telling with definite contemporary appeal.'
-- Kirkus Review