The Parenting Toolkit

ISBN 9781907359903

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Simple Steps to happy & confident children

by Caroline Penney

Parenting is often seen as a skill which is instinctive and does not need to be learned. However, many parents and guardians can benefit enormously from learning child-sensitive techniques which help them reflect on their parenting. The Parenting Toolkit is a unique and valuable resource for parents and guardians who wish to give their children the best start in life. It is especially relevant today, when families are under so much societal pressure. Caroline Penney has drawn on her years of experience, facilitating parenting groups and working as a family therapist, to present these techniques clearly. She explains how to help your child become confident, capable, caring, and able to reach their full potential as well as offering advice on how to ensure that you are getting all the self-care that you need in order to be a good parent. Illustrated throughout with warm and witty greyscale by Kate Hajducka.

‘(The Parenting Toolkit) uses the secrets that family therapists know to get underneath problems and unlock what is causing them … In clear, simple and friendly language, she helps you understand, and overcome, these hurdles.’ —Steve Biddulph, author of The New Manhood and Raising Boys, from the Foreword.

Hardcover, 176 pages.

Hawthorn Press.



‘An out of the ordinary parenting book which combines practical know-how with deep psychological knowledge. Writing with a deceptive lightness of touch, Caroline Penney helps us to understand the reasons why both parents and children behave as they do. A very welcome book.’ — Dr Sue Gerhardt, author of Why Love Matters

‘Surviving family life is a big challenge, yet good-enough parenting can go a long way to refuting poet Philip Larkin’s infamous claim that mum and and ‘f*** up’ their children. This splendid new book will greatly assist parents in negotiating the parenting minefield successfully, helping them to raise emotionally balanced, happy children.’ Oliver James, psychologist, psychotherapist and writer

‘An interesting and informative book, filled with practical life examples, giving easy pictures of how to engage with our children without stress. There are many exercises for managing behaviour, listening to our children, stress management (of our and our children’s lives) and general parenting hints and tips. The examples of how we adults can work on our own behaviours and responses in order to support our children are very practical. There are also ideas for working with our friends, setting up family support groups, and listening to children, amongst others. An appendix contains some very interesting information on the theories that underpin parenting. Throughout, beautiful illustrations embellish the chapters and examples, making a delightful addition to the book.’ Janni Nicol, Steiner Waldorf Schools Fellowship, UK