The Wishcatchers

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ISBN 9780863158018

by Carol Christie

  • In this magical story, Ant learns to be careful what she wishes for and realises that bullies have feelings too.
  • The Wishcatchers is set in a fictional coastal village in northern Scotland.
  • Mixing real life issues with mystery and magic, this charming book will enchant younger readers.

In Antonia's village, they have a special way of making wishes: they write them down, put them in a lobster creel, and row it out to Wishcatchers Point. But you need to be careful what you wish for…


Antonia is sick of being bullied by Rosie, a mean girl at school. So when new girl Clarissa joins the school, Ant wishes Rosie would pick on her instead. But in Ant's seaside village they have a special way of making wishes: children write down their wish, put it in a lobster creel and row it out to Wishcatchers Point. Any wishes that disappear really do come true. But is it just coincidence or do the Wishcatchers really exist? 

When Rosie starts to bully Clarissa, Ant realises her mistake and tries to help. Perhaps if they can find out why Rosie is such a bully, and make her wishes come true, they can all become friends. And will the strange shell necklace that Ant has found help them to finally uncover the mystery of the Wishcatchers? 

This is a wonderful story of friendship and magic that will enchant its readers.

Recommended by the publisher for children 7-9 years.

Softcover, 144 pages.  198 x 130 mm.

Floris Books, 2011.



'This is a compelling, engaging story about friendship and wishes that will appeal to a wide range of readers.' 
-- Booklist, American Library Association 

'This is a great story of friendship, family and tolerance, with a little bit of bullying behavior thrown in.' 
-- Curled Up With a Good Kids Book blog 

'This is a book about friendship that is filled with magic and mystery, The Wishcatchers is a story that teaches us very valuable lessons we sometimes tend to forget.' 
-- Inis Magazine


About the Author

Carol Christie was born and brought up in Lanarkshire. She has lived and worked in France, Germany and Luxembourg, but now lives in Edinburgh with her husband and two children. The worst nightmare she ever had was of going on holiday and forgetting to pack any books. The Wishcatchers is her first book.