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Transactional Analysis for Kids (and Grown-Ups too)

Transactional Analysis for Kids (and Grown-Ups too)

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Powerful Techniques for Developing Self-Esteem

by Alvyn and Margaret Freed

How to feel OK about yourself and other people.

These classic books from this series have helped hundreds of thousands of children and their parents relate to each other and to understand their intrinsic worth as human beings.  ‘TA for Tots’ is geared to ages Pre-K to 3 and ‘TA for Kids’ relates to grades 4 through 6 in particular, although older children and adults may surely relate and find value in the content.  Each builds and strengthens self-esteem, esteem of others, personal and social responsibility, critical thinking, and independent judgment on an age-appropriate level.

Softcover, 112 pages.

Jalmar Press.

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