unisex organic wool sleeping socks

RUSKO 1800A-10

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Made from all organic merino wool, we highly recommend these socks for people who get cold feet to wear while sleeping or cozying on the couch. The elastic at the top is a very loose, gentle yet slightly snug fit. They tend to stay up well, and not slouch, yet aren't too constricting making them perfect for wearing to sleep in bed overnight on cold winter nights. For cold or stressed feet, putting on these very soft socks brings warmth and comfort immediately.

We don't recommend them for wearing in shoes or walking around, as there is no polyester or other synthetics woven into the wool, and they are undyed and untreated, the wool will wear holes in short time from the friction, but for sleeping socks, they will last a long time! They don't need to be washed too often in this case, as wool containing lanolin undergoes a natural oxidation process with air that self-cleans a little. Let them air out a bit, and then wash them when they really seem to need it with gentle woolwash, and let them air dry.

Washing and Care:

Air frequently - wash seldom - protect against moths

Wool is self-cleaning: it reacts with oxygen in the air and neutralizes skin excretions. Frequent airing reduces the need to wash your garment. Wash wool preferably by hand in lukewarm water. Use Sonett washing liquid for wool and silk. You can also wash your wool garment with a hand-wash program at 30 °C in a washing machine. Stains disappear with Sonett gall soap. Shape the garment whilst damp. The garment shrinks a little in the first wash. Protect wool against moths and beetles. When not in daily use, store it in a sealed plastic bag. The product bag is good for storage.

100% organic merino wool.

Approximate Sizing.

For smaller sizes, see baby & children's wool socks. 

If a particular size and colour not in stock, please feel free to email us and we will see how soon we can have them here.

Made in Finland by Ruskovilla.