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unisex silkwool short-sleeved tee (by special order)

unisex silkwool short-sleeved tee (by special order)

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Unisex shirt with a round neck.

A short-sleeved shirt with silk wool binding around the neckline.

Certified organic silk wool includes 30% silk and 70% wool and combines the best of both materials: silk’s smoothens and wool’s warmth.  The thin material is breathable and elastic and offers additional warmth when worn under or over other clothes.

Hand-made in Artjärvi Finland.  No washing required before use.  Ladies: due to unisex sizing choose a one size smaller than what you would normally wear.

Please note that this is a special order item, and it may take ~1-6 weeks normally to arrive to us from Finland, depending on transit time.

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