Volcanoes by Gail Gibbons

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by Gail Gibbons

Rumbling, hissing, shaking. . . a volcano is about to erupt! Learn all about volcanoes, from tectonic plates to what do when there is a volcanic warning, in this primer for young readers.
Did you know there are four main types of volcanoes? Or that volcanoes are classified as active, dormant, or extinct? The Devil’s Tower in Wyoming is an extinct volcano. It’s about 40.5 million years old!
Gail Gibbons explores the hows and whys of volcanoes, using direct sentences, maps, infographics, and illustrations. Readers will learn about the four layers of the earth, the basics of plate tectonics, the different types of volcanoes, and much more.
Fully vetted by a working volcanologist, this book is perfect for earth science lovers and aspiring volcanologists.

This title is part of the Explore the World . . . with Gail Gibbons series, which promotes active learning, good citizenship, and student leadership.

Nest Notes: Recommended by the publisher for readers 4-8 years old; recommended by Nest for 9 and up, as the contents are chock-full and many adults would learn from it.

Hardcover, 32 pages.

Holiday House.



"A deceptively simple, visually appealing, comprehensive explanation of volcanoes. . . . The straightforward, concise prose will be easy for young readers to follow. As always, Gibbons manages to present a great deal of information in a compact form. Erupt into applause for this picture book of the first magma-tude." Kirkus Reviews, Starred Review

"Gibbons' distinctive watercolor, ink, and colored-pencil illustrations dominate, providing a pleasing mix of landscapes, infographic charts and maps, labeled cutaway views, and creatively designed visual sidebars. . . . Readers will particularly be drawn to the red, yellow, orange, white, and gray eruptions depicted on most pages, and will grasp the differences between, for example, shield and cinder cone volcanoes." —Booklist

"With incandescent illustrations of the hot topic she’s pursuing, the prolific, professional Gibbons gives readers the ­basics of volcanoes and so much more. . . . Kids will love the devil in the details, and take away the pure excitement that accompanies this ­subject." —School Library Journal