water drop labyrinth (special order)

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GRIMMS 43855

One of our favourite quiet toys in our home!  Grimm's had lots in stock at sale, and we picked some up to pass on the savings on one of our favourite activities.  

A skillful and fascinating game for young and old: Put one water drop with a pipette in the line of the labyrinth.  (We recommend a little eyedropper from a pharmacy if you don't already have one, and having it with a little water glass.  Young children can learn how to use the eyedropper with a little bit of modelling and practice).  Let it slide through the labyrinth.  How big of a water worm can you grow?  Can you make little worms collide into one big worm?  This is such a delightful activity for young and old, and a great calming activity for kids who are into kinesthetic activity.

Add some food colouring to the water to make it even more colourful and fun.

Materials: MDF, non-toxic water based color stain.

Size: diameter 25cm.