Bajo has been producing wooden toys in Poland for 30 years!  A large range of wooden toy cars and other vehicles, interactive baby and toddler toys both for building dexterity and large motor skills, as well as clever, puzzling and imaginative toys for older elementary children all let kids be kids.

      The durability of the hardwoods used, timelessly pleasing aesthetics, smart designs, and smooth quality finishes all win them a rightful designation as truly heirloom quality toys.  Meanwhile, they achieve this with non-toxic paints and finishes that are very gentle on the nose and health for young children, and for all humans on the sensitive side.  Environmentally, we feel good about the investment that people may choose to may in Bajo toys, as we feel confident that they will endure even for generations of play.  An investment in toys such as these begins the story of the lifetime of the toy in the hands of more than one child...

      Bajo toys present immediately with a sense of fun and an invitation to play!

      Along with their ecological intentions, their social values are strong and woven into all aspects of the company, and the workshop.  

      We highly encourage people to read more about the great team at Bajo and the people making your toys at their website: