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cuddly goose, white

cuddly goose, white

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Certified organic cotton outer sheep with wool stuffing in head.

Small size is filled with a removable pillow filled with dried cherrystones - you can take this pillow with the Zipper out, warm it up in the oven or put it to the freezer to cool special parts of your body.  47 x 37 x 11cm.

Large size:  Filled with spelt chaff.  Zippered section for inlet in cotton bag, so that inlet may be removed for washing the sheep.  The spelt inlet makes for a soft padding for the goose as a stuffy, with the added bonus as well as having the option to heat the removable inlet in the microwave for a warm stuffy on chilly winter nights.  Large size 80 x 79 x 17 cm; 818 grams.

Made in Germany.

Care and washing: Please note that because there is light wool filling in the head and legs, we recommend washing with woolwash by hand or in front loader on woollens setting. Air-dry only, but in this case, in a well-ventilated sunny location where it may dry out thoroughly in short time.

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