Auris Xylophone XRV-083 - Pentatonic/Diatonic 8 tones + 3

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Xylophone combines the two words “xylos” meaning “wood” and “phonos” meaning “sound”.

It covers a whole family of instruments with wooden bars played with a mallet.  The basic pentatonic xylophone can be used as an introduction of music with a child.  For use at home or in an early childhood environment for musical games, storytelling and much more.

This set is unique in that it offers the option to be played as either a pentatonic or diatonic instrument.

Made in Sweden by Auris.

Diatonic chimes

Diatonic is what "everyone" knows: c, d, e, f, g, a, h, c.

With the diatonic glockenspiels all songs can be played which are written in C major. So you don't need semitones (the black keys on the piano).

Pentatonic chimes

The pentatonic glockenspiel is particularly suitable for free playing and improvisation - each tone sequence results in a melody that sounds good.
The pentatonic tone series with 5 tones in one octave has no semitone steps.
The harmonious open sound of the pentatonic tone sequence is particularly suitable for young children up to school age.

In the pentatonic carillon, two tones are simply left out: the C and the F.