child's pure silk undershirt or pajama top (special order)

RUSKO 5210-80

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100% organic silk

Our manually grafted and GOTS certified organic silk it the most luxurious underwear material available.  Due to a protein structure similar to human skin, silk is especially well-suited for anyone with allergies or sensitive skin. Pure silk keeps you cool when hot and warm when cold.

Hand-made in Artjärvi Finland. No washing required before use.


Washing and Care:

Silk should be aired, do not however leave your clothing for a long time awaiting a wash. Silk should preferably be hand-washed in lukewarm water. Use Sonett-washing liquid for wool and silk. You can also wash your silk garment with a hand-wash program at 30 °C in a washing machine. Stains disappear with Sonett gall soap. Shape the garment whilst damp. Do not dry silk in sunlight or close to a heating source. When not in daily use, store the garment in a sealed plastic bag. The product bag is good for storage.


More on Materials:

GOTS certified organic silk comes from a silk farm in the Sichuan province in Central China
The silk used is long filament silk and of significantly higher quality compared to industrial silk
Silk keeps you cool when warm and warm up in the cold weather and can be used year-around
Silk can absorb moisture without feeling wet
Silk’s light and breathable protein fiber structure is similar to human skin and therefore feels extremely comfortable to wear
Due to its smooth structure silk is well-suited for anyone with allergies or sensitive skin and therefore unable to wear other materials
At the end of its lifecycle 100% silk returns back to nature

*** Please note that this is a special order item.  This means that we do not carry stock of it regularly in all sizes, and so we may order it from Finland once you place your Order, and it will be ~2-4 weeks before it arrives to us, under normal circumstances.  If you have other items in your Order bundled for free or flat rate shipping together, the rest of your Order would wait to ship with it.  If you are ordering special order items, and you'd not like to wait for the other items to ship, may we suggest that you checkout separately: Eg. Items A, B, and C in one order ready to ship now, and then Special Order Item D, and any other items you don't mind waiting on in another Order.