Choroi pentatonic Children's Harp 7 Strings

MER 55120002

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The Choroi Children's Harp is a pentatonically tuned instrument, which with its soft, delicate, and open tone stimulates listening and free music making in young children.  From the age of six or seven, the harp can be given to a child as their first stringed instrument.

The Children's Harp is made from one piece of solid wood, and a conscious decision was made not to take a closed resonating body.  

The tone sequence is: d’-e’-g’-a’-b’-d’’-e’’.  The fifth tuning, g-d-a-e-b, lies in this sequence. 

It has 7 parallel steel strings.  (Replacement strings available upon request).

Tuning key included.

Please note that wood grain patterns may vary from pictured, with the natural variation from the tree.

Made in Germany by Choroi.