Symbols coins with pegs for hundred board

SKU: TFJ coins with pegs, symbols set
$35.00 CAD

These coins fit into the Ten, Twenty, and Hundred Frames from Treasures from Jennifer.  They include three sets of digits 0-9 along with eight sets of math symbols and various other symbols.  There are 100 coins in this set. 

With Pegs fits all of our Ten, Twenty, and Hundred Frame versions.
Includes 100 printed coins, each measuring 1 inch.  Ink is printed directly onto the coins (no paint or stickers).

NOTE: This listing is for the coins only and does not include a board. The Hundred Boards are available separately in the shop. 

Please Also Note: These coins are not very robust to withstand falls or shocks.  If thrown or dropped on a hard floor, there is a chance for breakage.

Made in the Unites States by Treasures from Jennifer.