Disana wool felt basket bag, gold

DISANA wool felt basket gold

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The Disana shopper made of organic recyled felt looks great and is super practical. There is a story to this. In every disana bag there are leftovers from sweaters, bib shorts or hats that are used in the manufacture of our disana clothing. A few tons every year. Too small to sew anything out of it Made of fine organic wool, but far too valuable to simply throw away. In a unique upcycling project, Disana tears these scraps back into a fine wool fleece and uses them to make their Disana felt. Thanks to pure merino wool, it is wonderfully soft and supple, yet robust and thus made for a beautiful bag. A bag with a story.

Made from 100% virgin wool.

30 x 30 x 30 cm.

Made in Germany.