Ekelund Vinterliv brushed organic cotton blanket

EKELUND Vinterliv blanket

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Brushed GOTS-certified organic cotton.  This brushed organic cotton has a soft, slightly fuzzy and SUPER cozy feel to it. 

Nest Notes: In our family, one of us adults find the 'weight' /warmth of this blanket suitable to have over a bedsheet on nights where the temperature dips freezing, and the other one of us adults in the family meanwhile on those same nights, has a bedsheet, light duvet, and this blanket atop of the foot section of the duvet.  Also, very cozy as a couch blanket.  The 'breathability' of the blanket isn't as great as a sheet alone, and on a mild night, overheating would be a concern.  With our sensitivities, the adults and children in the family all appreciate these organic cotton blankets from Ekelund Weavers, as they're mild on all the senses.

140 x 170 cm (55 x 68 inches).

Made in Sweden by Ekelund Weavers.  Ekelund is fully committed to ensuring a sustainable future.