games & activity booklet

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The games and activities booklet by Gea Weeren (of the Dutch Waldorf Free Schools Advisory Service) and Jack Stroop (teacher at the Geert Grote School, Amsterdam) brings together over 120 games and activities.

None of them require a great deal of preparation and use materials that can be found in every classroom.

Each activity lasts from 5 to 15 minutes.

The games are suitable for all pupils aged between 6 and 14, so they can also be used in the first couple of years of secondary school.

The booklet lists games according to age, grouped into the following categories:

- Sensory games
- Competitive games
- Movement games
- Tactical games
- Active thinking / Guessing games
- Creative games

What to do if the students in your class, before they take a seat in their chairs, have already experienced everything and their unrest can be read? You already understand what to do: deliberately use a short moment of movement / play with each other: As an energizer, icebreaker and to get noise out of your head. To focus attention and bring the students together. The fact that motor skills are also being practiced and that a new learning attitude is created by the production of endorphins has been taken into account. Motivation for learning comes from within, but education can encourage students. For young children this stimulates curiosity through play, adventure and making things exciting. Older students are mainly driven by social relationships and 'wanting to be special'. By moving and playing you make use of this.

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