Grimm's small pyramid, 2 x 2 cm blocks

$90.00 CAD $95.00

With the Stepped Pyramid magical palaces and castles arise, beautiful cities, towers and landscapes... one can create everything with these bright coloured blocks.  This building set is also perfect for playing on the table, where different marble games can be played.

Includes 100 building blocks in a wooden frame.

Materials: lime wood, non-toxic water-based colour stain/non-toxic plant-based oil finish.  Frame has plywood bottom with solid wood sides.

Sizes: frame 22.5cm side length.  Single blocks 2 cm thickness, and heights from 2 cm tall up to 10 cm, in 2 cm increments.

Care Instructions: For care simply use water with a damp cloth for cleaning.  Dry immediately.  Please do not submerge in water and do NOT use disinfectant or hot water.

Attention! Not suitable for children under three years.  2 cm blocks are choking hazards for children under three years.

Pictured for size comparison are the Grimm's large and small pyramids together.  Also pictured are Grimm's peg dolls and Leonardo's sticks, sold separately.

Made in Europe.