Lyra Rembrandt Art Special Pencils - Assorted Charcoal, Sepia, Chalks, & Graphite

LYRA L2051120

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Draw, sketch design and empower your creativity with artist products from LYRA. Great for graphics, design and art. Perfect for portraits, sketching, landscapes, and colour blending. LYRA Rembrandt artist supplies are superior products for serious artists. LYRA Rembrandt Art Specials Drawing Pencils are durable pencils with either chalk, charcoal, or graphite which allow for a wide range of sketching techniques.

This assortment of 12 high quality special drawing pencils includes one each Sepia Light Brown Pencil, Sepia Dark Brown Pencil, Red Brown Grease Chalk, Red Brown Grease-Free Chalk, Black Grease-Free Medium Chalk, White Grease-Free Medium Chalk, Charcoal Hard Pencil, Carbon Soft Grease Pencil, Charcoal Medium Special Pencil, Graphite Aquarelle HB Pencil, Titan Graphite HB Pencil and Titan Graphite 6B Pencil.

They are conveniently stored in a stylish metal tin and are AP certified non-toxic.

Tin case, 12 pencils, length: 175 mm, diam. 7 mm.

Made in Germany.