Montessori Alphabet coins with pegs for hundred board

SKU: TFJ Montessori Alphabet Peg coins 100 board
$45.00 CAD

These 1-inch coins fit into our Ten, Twenty, and Hundred Frames.  Each set includes one full uppercase and one full lowercase alphabet along with a mix of commonly used lowercase letters.  There are 100 coins total.  Some ideas for play:

• Place them in alphabetical order forwards and backwards (for an extra challenge).
• Sort vowels and consonants.
• Match uppercase to lowercase letters.
• Practice spelling and correcting right on the board.
• Create word family lists.
• Create a word search. Play scrabble. Play Wheel of Fortune.

Montessori Letters - Red Vowels (aeiou) and Blue Consonants

"Pegged" fits in the Original and Coin Pocket Frames.

Includes 100 printed coins, each measuring 1 inch.  Ink is printed directly onto the coins (no paint or stickers).  Sometimes it takes a couple days outside the packet for any residual ink smell to dissipate. 

NOTE: This listing is for the coins only and does not include a board. The Hundred Boards are available separately in the shop. 

Please Also Note: These coins are not very robust to withstand falls or shocks.  If thrown or dropped on a hard floor, there is a chance for breakage.

Made in the Unites States by Treasures from Jennifer.