rainbow string game

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Rainbow String Game, hand dyed in USA.  Instructions for a few simple games included!  ('Finger Strings' book sold separately with endless activities for the advanced string game enthusiast).

Many parents carry string games along on trips, to restaurants, and visits with relatives as a way to pass the time and share tricks with their children.

These string games are a good workout for the brain.  And, they are fun!

Wonderful for older children and adults to teach to younger children.

Recommended for ages 5 and up.  It can really depend on the child.  Most children begin finger strings around 8 years old.

These are the kind of finger strings used in most of the Waldorf schools; grades 1-5.

For years these have been cut, melted and hand-dyed by Sarah's Silks owner's son, Noah, in USA.

If they break (from rough yanking) light a candle and burn the ends back together (adults only).