braille math blocks


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Each colourful block is debossed with either a number or a math symbol.  Then, the Nemeth Braille Code for Mathematics has been used to deboss the Braille translation underneath each number or symbol.  This 16 piece block set can be used as a companion to the Braille ABC set.

Uncle Goose strategically devoted one number or math symbol to each block.  This means you'll discover the same Braille number debossed on two sides of every block.  One debossed side is paired with its non-Braille symbol or number translation.  They've chosen a number font without serifs to enhance tactile clarity.  The other debossed side is Braille only.

  • 16 - 1.75 inch cubes
  • Made using sustainable Midwestern basswood
  • Printed with non-toxic, mouth safe inks
  • Ages 2+
100% made in the USA.