Making Bows with Children

Making Bows with Children

ISBN 9780764344428

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By Wulf Hein.

Do you want to bulid a real bow for yourself?  This book shows you how to do it, explained in simple terms and with a lot of pictures.  Arrows, bowstring and quiver, of course, are found here too.  And a short course on where and how to shoot with it safely.  How long have bows and arrows existed?  An excursion into history tells you about it.

For children starting at 8 - 12 year old and everyone who wants to get started building their own, we recommend the 'bent stick' model inside the book with simple arrows.

To build the Stone Age bow Homegaard with matching arrows, you should be a bit older and/or have a big helper.

Both bows and the accessories can also be built as a project in a youth group or as a school project.

Archery with a simple device hones concentration and is a recreational sport for big and small, since the entire family can participate. Building your bow and the accessories yourself can be the beginning of your own personal adventure.