The Quiet Heart - Putting Stress In Its Place

ISBN 9780863156090

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by Peter Gruenewald; Foreword by Teresa Hale

A guide to managing stress and extreme emotions, using techniques based in neurology, psychiatry, psychology, cardiology and complementary medicine.  Now includes new exercises and case studies, plus a useful Q&A section.

Softcover, 160 pages.  198 x 130 mm.

Floris Books, 2007.


'The conventional approach to cardiovascular disease - reducing cholesterol, taking more exercise - only looks at part of the picture because it does not address the patient's emotional state. Hence Dr Gruenewald's technique for improving heart health is half stress reduction and half counselling ... I have noticed a difference in my stress levels. I also felt motivated to buy a garden hammock to lie in, practising my breathing as I rock back and forth while staring at clouds.'
--Emma Mahony, The Saturday Times, Body and Soul, September 29 2007

'This small book covers a range of suggestions for improving emotional intelligence and conversational skills as well as imaginations to assist healing in a very valuable and accessible way.'
-- Margaret Jones, Anthroposophical Society Newsletter

'This book is different, in that it allows you to skip around, looking for what you really need. Its 1, 2, 3 approach makes it easier to take what you want from it and get the most out of the read ... I don't find myself stressed out often but that didn't stop the practices from helping me! At a mere 158 pages, I feel that anyone can find the time to read this book and walk away with more than they have put into it.'
--Eugene Kelly, merliannews.com

'With the help of this book it gives you the chance of dealing with stress.'
-- Homeopathy International, Winter 2007

'The whole process is very clearly explained, so it only remains for the reader to put it into practice! Another feature of the book are the many inspiring quotations.'
-- Scientific and Medical Network Review, Winter 2007

About the Author

Dr Peter Gruenewald is a General Medical Practitioner providing holistic health care at the Helios Medical Centre in Bristol and at the Hale Clinic in London. He has worked in the fields of psychiatric rehabilitation, emotional and behavioural difficulties and stress management since 1986, and is founder of the HeartSpheres approach for the management of emotions and interpersonal development He is involved in the training of health professionals, teachers and care staff in the United Kingdom, Switzerland and the Philippines.

You can also visit the author's own website at http://www.heartspheres.com

Teresa Hale is founder of the Hale Clinic, a centre for complementary medicine in London.