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by Aaron Becker

A king emerges from a hidden door in a city park, startling two children sheltering from the rain. No sooner does he push a map and some strange objects into their hands than he is captured by hostile forces that whisk him back through the enchanted door. Just like that, the children are caught up in a quest to rescue the king and his kingdom from darkness, while illuminating the farthest reaches of their imagination. Colored markers in hand, they make their own way through the portal, under the sea, through a tropical paradise, over a perilous bridge, and high in the air with the help of a winged friend. Journey lovers will be thrilled to follow its characters on a new adventure threaded with familiar elements, while new fans will be swept into a visually captivating story that is even richer and more exhilarating than the first.

red_starBroadening his palette, Becker fills his book with myriad colorful details that will reward sharp-eyed fans. At the same time, his ink and watercolors evoke different kinds of architectural wonders. Part Indiana Jones, part Avatar: The Last Airbender, this book proves to be more exciting than its Caldecott Honor predecessor… Breathtaking in scope, consider this a wordless testament to the power of not just imagination, but art itself; picture books rarely feel this epic.
— Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

red_star“As before, hearts will beat faster during cliff-hanging moments in which the children must draw their way out of danger… The strong visual narrative and inventive action sequences offer even more to savor. It’s another step forward in an already noteworthy career.”
— Publisher’s Weekly (starred review)

red_star“In addition to the winning adventure of the silent story, Becker manages to evolve his imagery with more sophisticated designs and ideas that draw readers into the narrative ever more deeply, proving once again that lush details, a meticulous sense of motion and action, and a boundless love of fun are worth all the words in the world.”
— Booklist (starred review)

Hardcover. 40 pages.

Candlewick Press.

Nest Notes: Recommended for children up to 8 years of age to cozy up with on their own, although this book is a trip for people of all ages.  This is a three-book series: Journey, Quest, and Return; although each book could also be a standalone book on its own.