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DRW 2400

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Our favourite cash register! Why? The sound of the bell has a delightful ring with the wooden flap is lifted.

We're often asked if the buttons being pressed results in the numbers changing on the display, and the answer is no. The buttons have a pleasing 'press' to them however, gentle yet robust. The numbers on the 'display' are changed by rotating the knob at the side. And the 'register receipt' may be written on by hand. The register comes with enough to get a good start (we recommend removing the paper for much younger children, as it may disappear in a minute otherwise, speaking from some experience! However, nice for older children to write on the paper, or simply imagine and tear and hand you your 'receipt'). Despite the buttons not leading to a corresponding reading on the display, in terms of play value, and fun, this register along with the one from Drei Blätter of Germany, are our two all-time favourites for simplicity and delightfulness of play in action that stands the test of time.

Storeowner's Advice: We have trialled in the store over the years registers with actual calculators and digital displays built in, and we know they can be appealing, but to this, as storeowners, we would offer the perspective that with so much electronic waste and battery-operated devices in our society, we cannot recommend adding to this stream unnecessarily, and we do feel that a simple wooden cash register with some imagination for play does the job nicely!

Dimensions: 21.1 cm (8.3") high x 39.5 cm (15.6" wide) x 23.3 cm (9.2") deep. 1.6 kg (0.6 lbs).

Made in Poland.