corner taking support for basket cable cars

corner taking support for basket cable cars

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The corner taking support is meant to be added to the basket cable car kit to make for a more elaborate set-up. The basket cable car kit on its own has a single straight path, but with the corner taking support, you can have an L shape configuration. Attach it to tabletop, shelf, chair, bookcase, or also possible with some doorframes.

5 metres of string included.

Assembly 9 yrs+; Play 6 yrs+.

Please note: baskets sold separately with basket cable car kit.

Made in Germany.

Nest Notes: this is one of the very rare times that we could recommend to deviate from Walter Kraul's age suggestions, as we do find that some children as young as 4 years can be heavily involved in the assembly.  An older child or adult could help with the screwdriver and as needed.