Kári, viking sailing boat kit


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The Vikings worshipped Kári as God of Wind.  This little boat with its sail proudly driven by the wind reminds of pictures and models of old Viking ships.  Even when there’s only little wind the boat will glide over the water quickly!

In case the shore on the other side is very far away, tie a long piece of string (not included) through the hole in the mast.  This way you can get your boat back at any time.

The kit includes all the pieces to construct the boat, with a little sanding and glue (included), and then to set sail!

Assembly 10 years +, with assistance 8 years +, play 8 years +

Made in Germany.

**Playing with running water is one of the most enjoyable experiences that children can have in nature. But water is not always safe; do not let children play near water unsupervised. Avoid rapid flowing water ways, ravines, sluices, or locks. Packing a spare set of clothes is recommended.