organic cotton handkerchiefs, 4-pack

OKO 1001

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Sometimes, tender noses need a soft cloth for wiping. These Öko handkerchiefs are made with unbleached, 100% organic cotton. Offered in a practical size, some colds or nose blows can aptly use a handkerchief, rather than disposable tissues.

We recommend a little basket or box with clean folded or rolled handkerchiefs in a handy spot in the bedroom or livingroom, and a small basket for the dirty ones in the bathroom. Children who start using washable handkerchiefs at a young age become accustomed to using them at home.

For use outside the home, we can also recommend the Öko Creations dual pocket mini.

The handkerchiefs become more absorbent with each washing.

  • 4-pack
  • Size: 10 x 10 inches (25 x 25 cm)

Preshrunk 100% certified organic cotton. Natural undyed cotton cloth with coloured organic cotton trim.

100% FSC paper wrapper.

Made in Quebec, Canada.