the m-coat maternity jacket


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**Please note sale price on XXL Red Delicious.  Medium and large Navy in stock.

The fabulous M coat is a true Canadian success story! Once you slip into one, you understand why. Luxurious and warming Canadian down in a premium quality easy-care shell. Few of us are pampered so well by a coat even when we're not pregnant! Add to that, the functionality: zip-in or out shell can be worn one way during pregnancy, the other way for baby-wearing, or taken out altogether for many years of stylish wear after baby.

The size that you are normally, is the size that you will purchase with the M coat.  For example, if you are normally a Medium, zipping in the panel will give you the extra girth that you require in the chest and around the tummy when pregnant.

100% Canadian Down.

Machine Washable. Lifetime Warranty.

M-coat is made in Toronto, Canada.