platter for spinning tops

MDR platter 900 maple

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Square platter for spinning tops with a smoothly slightly 'bowled' area for tops to 'dance' within.  Beautiful on a coffee table, for your top collection, to invite a little play.

  • Mini is 6.5 cm side length.  This size is nice for certain tops to 'spin in place', and a small footprint for a desk or shelf or anywhere for a spot of whimsy.
  • Midi with side length 12 cm.  This is the third largest (second smallest) square platter that we stock.   Made from one piece of solid hardwood.  No glues used.
  • Midi with side length 15 cm.  This is the second largest square platter that we stock and shown in the group photos.
  • Large with 25 cm side length.  This is the largest square platter that we stock and in the group of platters together in the photos.  In this large top platter, tops can take a meandering path, with a little more space to roam.  Excellent for extra large tops, or even for 2 or 3 tops at once.  This size is also recommended for the upside-down tops.  Pieces of solid wood have been glued together with a flattering joinery to create a board this large.  We actually find the large platter a nice size for the 'mini' tops as well, as they can really move around in them.

Made in Austria.