Moomin and the Brigands comic book

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One of our favourite print editions of the Moomin stories by Tove Jansson, these full-colour graphic novels are a delightful way to encounter the Moomin stories for younger children, and for them to read along on their own, either following the graphics, or for early readers.

The Moomin stories introduce themes of loyalty and honesty, illustrate the pitfalls of temptation, and make folly of crowd mentality and fads, all with a healthy dose of laughs and reverence for the Moomin family. Some gender stereotypes exist.

In "Moomin and the Brigands", Moomin's pushy relatives have come to stay, and in the process of kicking them out, he unwittingly embarks on a quest for fame and fortune with his sly friend Sniff. From selling rare creatures to the zoo, using a fortune-teller to find treasures, and making modern art, the pair soon finds out it's much harder to get rich than either of them expects. Through a stroke of luck, however, Moomin meets the love of his life, Snorkmaiden, and with her help he finds the self-confidence to reclaim his house from his relatives. Moomin and the Brigands is the iconic first Moomin comic strip by beloved children's author and cartoonist Tove Jansson.

Softcover. Full-colour. 56 pages. 8.5 x 6".

Published by Enfant, Drawn & Quarterly. Nov 2017.

See here for an excerpt from the publisher.

Nest Notes: We might recommend for 6 or 7 years and up, but it varies largely.  The interpersonal and social tensions in the themes are played out and resolved in a medium that we find approachable even for young children, and our children took a keen interest already at ~4 years old in the Moomin stories, although we wouldn't always recommend them so early.  It can work though if you have children of varying ages, for the younger ones to listen in and take interest too.  We would paraphrase a little some lines when reading aloud for younger children.


Praise for Moomin and the Brigands

... a super fun Moomin story ... full of twists and turns, adventure and Jansson’s wonderful illustrations that can convey so much with so little.

Youth Services Book Review

To know the Moomins was to know Tove [Jansson]. She poured her wit, dreams and fears into the characters.

The Economist

[Tove Jansson's Moomins feature) scratchy, pen-and-ink sketches and [an] atmosphere of beneficence ... [a] mix of disaster and gentle naïveté.

New York Review of Books