Food Anatomy

ISBN 9781612123394

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The Curious Parts and Pieces of the our Edible World

By Julia Rothman, with Rachel Wharton

Get your recommended daily allowance of facts and fun with Food Anatomy, the third book in Julia Rothman’s best-selling Anatomy series.  She starts with an illustrated history of food and ends with a global tour of street eats.  Along the way, Rothman serves up a hilarious primer on short order egg lingo and a mouthwatering menu of how people around the planet serve fried potatoes — and what we dip them in.  Award-winning food journalist Rachel Wharton lends her editorial expertise to this light-hearted exploration of everything food that bursts with little-known facts and delightful drawings.  Everyday diners and seasoned foodies alike are sure to eat it up.

Nest shopowner's note: Julia Rothman's books are our favourite to curl up with when we're a little under the weather, or just in need of some quiet hour time.

Softcover, 224 pages. 6.5 x 9".

Storey Publishing.


About the Author:

Julia Rothman is an illustrator, pattern designer, and author. In addition to working for clients such as the New York Times, Target, and Ann Taylor, she has her own lines of wallpaper, stationery, fabric, and dishware. Rothman has authored, co-authored, and illustrated ten books including Food Anatomy, Nature Anatomy, and Farm Anatomy. She lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.