DVD wet-on-wet painting

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This 38 minute triptych shows children at a Dutch Steiner/Waldorf school practice wet-on-wet painting. In the first part we see WHAT it is, in the second part HOW it is done and in the third part a school director, a teacher and a paediatrician tell us WHY it is such an important part of the Steiner/Waldorf curriculum.

Such basics as ratio of Stockmar watercolour paint to water, preparing the paper, blotting with sponge are shown.

This Triptych was made by Waldorf Communications/SubSoli Films in close collaboration with Mercurius B.V.

Dutch with English subtitles.


**Please note that this video is also available to watch for free online. The DVD is a special order item, and typically takes less than a week to reach us.


Tryptich Wet-on-Wet Painting from Tanja Markies on Vimeo.