Ancient Worlds - a DK Panorama book

ISBN 9780744092899

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Ancient Worlds is a tour through history’s most influential civilizations between 3000 BCE and 600 CE, capturing in vivid detail moments that convey the cultural, technological, and organizational characteristics central to their success.
From Sumer, the world’s earliest civilization, to the heyday of the Mayan Empire, the tour crosses every continent, taking in developments in urban planning, art and architecture, religion, warfare, trade, and cultural exchange. Discover how deep knowledge of the Sun, sea, and stars enabled ancient seafarers to navigate the Pacific Ocean; witness the highs and lows of a thrilling chariot race in the Roman Empire’s greatest hippodrome; and marvel at the military might of the Mauryan Empire and its 9,000 war elephants.

Full of fascinating detail, each scene is a window on the lives of the most powerful and innovative peoples in times past. Ideal for children and parents to pore over together and explore similarities and differences with cultures around the world today.
Recommended for ages 9-12 years.

Hardcover, 32 pages.
Published by DK.