50 Things to do at the Beach

ISBN 9781616899950

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50 Things to Do at the Beach transforms a day in the sand and sun into a meaningful and inspiring return to nature.  Environmental scientist and professional surfer Easkey Britton teaches us how to peek into the mysterious deep, harness the calming nature of the sea, and engage in fun play, like wave running and swimming.

The latest addition to the Explore More series, 50 Things to Do at the Beach shows us how to enjoy the many health benefits of time spent by the sea and give back to the waters that sustain us.  Kid-friendly activities make this a great resource for families enjoying time together by the sea, ocean, or lake.  Vacationers and sea-dwellers alike will find new and unexpected ways to enjoy the water.  Each section is beautifully illustrated to explain the activities and bring the message to life.  Surf's up!

A beautifully presented, practical gift guide for all surf seekers.  Explained with fascinating, easy-to-understand commentary from surfer and scientist Easkey Britton, each guide helps you soak up maximum vitamin sea.  The book is divided into six main sections – each filled with exercises, ideas and fun facts to help you reconnect with your oceanic roots and create special moments by the sea…

Reading the Sea – watch waves, move with the tides, understand rips and currents, getting to know the sea and your limits.

What the Sea Does for Us – appreciate the food, feel-good factors, and even medicines that the sea has to offer. Plus learn about its fundamental role in climate control.

We are Ocean – explore the multi-sensory environment the sea has to offer.

The Power of the Sea to Heal – from seaweed and ocean plasma to social change and ocean therapy.

The Sea is Calling – try your hand at beach combing, wave play, rockpooling, bird watching, searching for jellyfish and bioluminescence and swimming in the sea.

Things to Do for the Sea – with guides to beach clean-ups, sustainable foraging, restoring coastal habitats and inclusion and diversity ideas to make the sea accessible to all, you’ll have everything you need to be the hero our seas need.

Taking an inclusive global outlook on the subject, and complemented by Maria Nilsson’s captivating drawings, this timely book will show you the benefits of doing things by and for the sea – and how those benefits can spill over into your daily life.

Dr. Easkey Britton, PhD. is a marine social scientist, big-wave surfer, and five-time Irish National Surfing Champion based in Donegal, Ireland.  Through her deep love and passion for surfing and the sea, she explores the relationship between people and nature, especially water environments.

Harcover, 144 pages.

5.31 x 7.28 inches. 

Princeton Architectural Press, 2020.