7 rainbow friends with bowls, trio of woods

GRIMMS 10580 wood trio

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This classic toy will stay with your child for a long time, because there are always new ways to play!  Even the very youngest enjoy taking the seven friends out of their wooden cups, turning the cups over, stacking them on top of each other and putting the little figures back in the cups ... again and again, because this is exactly where the magic of play lies: discovering abilities and skills and doing things over and over until they become second nature. Later, the friends and cups can be colour matched, and the cups used for playing shop or serving little cups of tea.

Through their different colours and different types of wood, the Seven Friends reflect our wonderful diverse world as well as celebrating everyone’s uniqueness. Each one of our little hand-painted wooden figures has a different look and individual wood grain.  These happy little wooden figures, made from different types of wood from trees indigenous to central Europe, are gender neutral.  With no specific facial expression, they can be either sad or happy.  With their simple appearance they spur on the child’s imagination instead of restricting it by offering too much detail.

In addition to sorting and colour matching, the Seven Friends in Cups can also be used as a weekly calendar: Each figure is assigned a day of the week. For each passing day, a figure is placed on his/her cup until a week has passed and all 7 friends jump back into their cups, so that a new week can begin.

The Seven Friends are a wonderful addition to our 6 Piece Rainbow, recommended for children from 1 year of age due to the suitable number of parts and colours, an ideal introduction to the fantastic world of rainbows and free play.

Tip: The Seven Friends also fit perfectly in our Bus, which can carry 3 passengers. 

Figures have 3 cm diameter at base, and are ~6.5 cm tall.  Frame diameter 19 cm.

Comes with wooden tray and colourful wooden cups.  Small rainbow stacker sold separately.

New in 2021: the 7 rainbow friends peg dolls are fashioned from different wood types: maple, beech, and cherry or alder, depending on wood availability.

Made in Germany.