A Year and a Day, Issue 3: Squirrels and Nuts

SKU: AYAAD Issue 3
$15.50 CAD

'Her chariot is an empty hazelnut, made by the joiner squirrel...'

Get cosy as the days grow shorter and nature paints the world in beautiful golds, reds and browns.  This issue includes a scurry of squirrels and three nutty tales  , each with three days worth of activities, including how to move like a squirrel, walnut-shell crafts, making a fishing fly, creating a shoe-box scene, hedgerow recipes and much more!

Activities are laid out in order, and span a suggested timeline of 3 days, making this a fabulous resource for homeschooling.

Staplebound.  Beautifully printed on sturdy, high quality, uncoated paper.

39 pages.

Printed in the UK.