A Year and a Day, Issue 6: Bees

AYAAD Issue 6

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The subject of bees is one very close to the hearts from the creators of 'A Year and a Day' (you might not know that Seonaidh, the co-creator of this magazine, is an actual real-life beekeeper.  Although she would rather call herself a 'bee landlord’).  She knows an awful lot about bees, in fact almost too much to fit into one magazine.  That’s why they’ve made a longer issue for you to enjoy during the summer months and school holiday.  In this issue is featured three stories with bees playing a starring role. 

And once you’ve read the summer issue, we think you’ll know things like:

….How to make a bee with your thumb

….Why the ancient Egyptians loved bees

….What kind of hotels bees like to stay in 

….How to grow a family tree  

... And there are many other activities and information pages in your magazine just bee-cause we like you so much!

Activities are laid out in order, and span a suggested timeline of 3 days, making this a fabulous resource for homeschooling.

Staplebound.  Beautifully printed on sturdy, high quality, uncoated paper.

44 pages.

Printed in the UK.