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A Year and a Day, Issue 8: Snow

A Year and a Day, Issue 8: Snow

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"The north wind doth blow, and we shall have snow..."  

Put on your warmest clothes, a pair of mittens and a woolly scarf and hat, because it’s snowing here at A Year and a Day!  Open up our magazine and make every day a snow day, with our three stories all about snow. In this issue find out what happens when Father Frost turns a snow maiden into a real girl, why the first snowdrop appeared, and how to meet the months of the year in person. 

As well as getting to know some snowy stories, we hope that by the time you’ve cosied up by the fire and read our magazine you will know:

How to make a calendar that never goes out of date

What the seasons are like in different hemispheres

How to create a snow scene using sugar

What tracks different animals leave in the snow 

How to draw a snowdrop ... and much more! 

Activities are laid out in order, and span a suggested timeline of 3 days, making this a fabulous resource for homeschooling.

Staplebound.  Beautifully printed on sturdy, high quality, uncoated paper.

39 pages.

Printed in the UK.

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