Aisha hanging crystal

Aisha hanging crystal

STGS 50350

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Aisha, extraordinary charm paired with foresight shines through to our times.

Stylistic figures usually find their inspiration in nature.  They remind us of objects that we have seen before.  The stimulated imagination can create a wide variety of images and impressions.

Hanging in a window, a rainbow crystal brings a brightening and mesmerizing calm and dance of light to a room through its refraction of light.   They can make a room shine.  Crystals also play a central role in the millenia-old Chinese teachings of Feng Shui.  A rainbow crystal hanging in the window brings postiive energy into the room when the light is refracted.

The handcrafted pear or cherry wood forms an excellent basis for the sparkling crystal.  

Total height ~13.5 cm.  Glass crystal is 2 cm diameter (without lead content).  Black linen thread for hanging.

Made with Spectra® Crystal from Swarovski®.

Made in Germany.