Alkena modelling clay

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Genuine coloured clay and natural ceramic additives combined with pure beeswax make a modelling material that both meets the highest artistic demands and is pleasing for children or beginners of all ages to work with.

The Swiss beeswax plasticine has a smooth consistency, maintains its shape at room temperature and can be worked on and cut with modelling tools. 

The clay can be preheated in lukewarm water, ideally water at 22-25 degrees Celsius.

Working with modelling clay promotes creativity, but furthermore modelling and sculpting is the work of our will, and through it, an awakening and honing of our will forces. 

Due to the modelling clay meeting the temperature of the hand, Alkena modelling clay remains easily malleable even for a small child and does not have a cold effect.  Alkena Beeswax Plasticine is available in three naturally earthy tones: yellow, red, and brown.

It is non-toxic - but it should not be swallowed.  Manufactured by the factory school of sonnhalde gempen.

Please Note: This clay is very hard at first and takes some time to be warmed and softened by hand.  As such it is not recommended for very young children, unless with the help of an adult.  After some initial softening however, it does become smooth and pliable, and it is a joy to work with. 

Tearing off a small piece from the block of modelling clay, and massaging it until it softens, and then tearing off another piece to soften as well, and working thus in increments is a good way to give the clay you'd like to work with an initial working over.

200 gram block, comes in a cardboard box.  14 cm long x 7.5 cm wide x 2 cm thick.

Made in Switzerland.

Alkena is a partner with the Climate Protection Partnership and is a MyClimate neutral product.

Materials: Genuine coloured clay and natural ceramic additives, combined with pure beeswax.