aluminum candle holder for birthday ring

GRIMMS 04801

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Aluminum candle holder for Christmas tree size candles to fit in birthday or celebration rings. The aluminum candle holder has more of a lip to catch candle wax drippings (otherwise, they some wax might drip a little on your wooden celebration ring, which may or may not bother you). It has a slightly less warm appearance than the brass candle holders, however, we find it matches nicely with certain colour rings, for example the white birthday rings.

For safety we recommend these or the Brass Candle Holders for the candles on all our birthday and table decorations.

The decorative ornaments are wonderful for personalizing a birthday ring, spiral and lifelights. On a birthday table, a window sill and on the nature table, it creates a special atmosphere on each of the occasions.

Tip: The aluminum or brass candle holder from Grimm's fits perfectly and snugly into the Ostheimer silhouette base. As such, you can use them in order to be able to use our 13 mm diameter beeswax candles in your Ostheimer silhouettes.