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GRIMMS 03000

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Each segment of the Annual Ring represents 1 month (dark blue represents January, purple represents December).  Each week a candle or marble moves one hole further, for instance on Mondays.  A figure can be placed in the inside hole and something relating to the month in the bowl, a birthday gift or a large candle.

The annual ring fits perfectly With the Circular Disc For Annual Ring #03010, sold separately.  This is the large platter with wooden balls that the annual ring can sit atop of.  Some people will purchase only the annual ring, and use it alone, other people choose to purchase the platter as well, and add the dimension of counting down the number of days in a month.  It is a daily practice to either add or remove a ball to the platter (however one chooses to use it, by building up, or taking away, the wooden balls as each day in the month passes.).

The circular nature of the seasons and the various occasions during the months are vividly portrayed.

Ornaments, candles, and candleholders all sold separately.

Included: Annual ring wooden base, 12 coloured pie sections representing 12 months of the year, small wooden bowl.

Not included: Platter for annual ring with 35 coloured wooden marbles.  Also, sold separately: Decorative ornaments, brass candle holders, or candles.

Made in Germany.