Auris 3-note glockenspiel

Auris 3-note glockenspiel

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A little glockenspiel, for awakening the senses, a call to transition, some calm or focus....

The Auris 3 note glockenspiel is suited to a daycare or classroom environment to signal a transition time.

Auris Glockenspiels are very finely tuned and have a clear, pure overtone.  With their crystal clear and spherical tones they create a particularly lovely sound experience.  

With the tones a-h-d.  'H' being the German note for 'b'.  Hence, one can notice that the notes are in order, but skipping the 'c' note.  It is thus a short pentatonic scale.

Please note that the 3 note glockenspiel from Auris comes in two other options with 'higher' scales, available by special request.  We selected the lowest scale to stock regularly, as we find the Auris notes quite strong, with a small amount of reverberation, and we found the higher notes can be more intense with this reverberation.

Solid maple body.  A lovely size and shape to hold in the palm of one hand while you strike it with the mallet.  Tones made of brass alloy, coated with a fine layer of beeswax.  

Comes with two mallets: 1 soft rubber and 1 wooden mallet. 

Made with great care in Sweden.