Bikeho Building Blocks

Bikeho Building Blocks


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These building block sets consist of different building blocks without special parts.  The compilation of the building block sets is purely coincidental to the trees harvested, the size of the individual building blocks varies between approx. 3 and 10 cm, so that a nice assortment is created for playing.

Our wood comes from different farms that operate a sustainable timber industry, often in proximity with biodynamic farms. We only use alder, as it sprout again very quickly when felled.

The bark is firmly attached to the wood, all loose parts are removed when brushing.
All wooden parts are treated with oil.  The oil used is approved for food packaging.
 It is made on the basis of linseed oil or sunflower oil.  The toys can be nibbled or sucked without hesitation and are all big enough so that they cannot be swallowed.

Our toys are tested according to the Toy Safety Directive 2019/48/EG.

Made in Germany.