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How photography started! Each modern camera is always basically a Camera Obscura. The basic principle of a pinhole camera was known by the ancient Greeks at least 2300 years ago.  With the invention of polished glass lenses 400 years ago, the Camera Obscura became a practical tool to take an accurate natural picture.  Resourceful scientists finally made 'Cameras' from this model.

With this experimental kit, you can build your own Camera Obscura, experiment with a glass lens, and learn the old tricks of the inventors and how today's cameras work.

Recommended for 10 yrs and up; or from 8 yrs with help from an adult.

Please note that photographic light-sensitive paper is NOT included.  What is included is a comprehensive booklet in English, French, and German, with detailed guidelines for various explorations and experiment.  From the point of view of a physics graduate, this is an excellent kit that could keep one busy for weeks!  Our suggestion would be that it would be the natural step after spending some time with these experiments to then invest in photographic light-sensitive paper.

Made in Germany.