children's play horse harness (special order)

children's play horse harness (special order)

MER 70900375

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A very popular toy for kindergartens, schoolyards and at home, now with an improved design.  With this beautifully finished play horse’s harness, children can run, play and ride endlessly.  The halter and breastplate are made of durable, very strong cow leather.  It includes a safety buckle that opens automatically when pulled too hard to prevent too much pressure on the “horse”.  Nice to combine with our horseshoe bucket stilts (70900400) that sound like real horse hooves.

Material and specifications:

  • Halter and reins made of durable cow leather, chrome-free and natural
  • Breastplate (19 cm wide) made of durable cow leather
  • Two bells
  • Safety clasp (unclasps when pulled hard)

One child sports the harness wearing it as necklace around their neck, and with the reins which then come along and behind their sides for the other child to grasp.  A fun game for children to play 'horsey' together, and moreover, a process to practice their coordination, physical communication and cooperation.

Older children and adults have been able to fit into the harness, although it is designed for play among primary/ elementary aged children.

Meets European toy safety standards.

Made in Germany.