child's wool sleeping socks

RUSKO 1800-3

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Wool socks keep children's feet warm and dry. We particularly like them for wearing in the bed or on a couch on a cold night, or during times of sickness where some extra TLC and warmth could be helpful.

The durability of pure 100% wool is more susceptible to wear than socks reinforced with man-made fibres. They are not recommended for wearing in boots or shoes where they will frequently be subject to a large amount of friction, and some people find depending on the flooring in their homes that even scuffing on the floors can wear the pure wool socks out quickly.

One of the things we particularly appreciate about these socks is how the elastic at the top is a very loose, gentle yet slightly snug fit. They tend to stay up well, and not slouch, yet aren't too constricting making them perfect for wearing to sleep in bed overnight on cold winter nights. For cold or stressed feet, putting on these very soft socks brings warmth and comfort immediately.

No moth-proof or anti-felt treatment. Just pure undyed 100% merino wool.

Handwash or gentle machine wash with wool washing detergent. Hang to dry. Handwashing in room temperature water is preferred as the socks will tend to shrink slightly from too much agitation or extreme temperatures during machine washing.

Approximate Sizing.

For smaller sizes, see baby wool socks. For larger sizes, see adult wool socks.

If a particular size and colour not in stock, please feel free to email us and we will see how soon we can have them here.

Made in Finland by Ruskovilla Oy.