Choroi Interval flute (special order)

MER 55101001

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The interval and pentatonic flutes were specially developed for use by children, particularly in groups.

They each have *just one fingerhole*, allowing two notes in a fourth or fifth interval. Two or more players can easily play simple rhythmic or melodic patterns e.g., in a way of question-and-answer games. Differently tuned flutes can be combined in a group, to play elementary melodies up to a pentatonic scale.

d" - g" : Fingerhole closed = d''; fingerhole open = g'' (a=440Htz).

d" - a" : Fingerhole closed = d''; fingerhole open = a'' (a=440Htz).

e" - h" : Fingerhole closed = e''; fingerhole open = b'' (a=440Htz).


Solid pear wood treated with linseed oil. No tone block.

Comes with cleaning swab, flute bag, and manual.

Purchase individually, or as a set of 3.

As regular oiling is vital to the flute, we recommend our flute oil (item no. 55117500 / 55117600).

Made in the EU.